Founder and CEO

Ylva Dalén graduated as a physiotherapist in 1972 and since then she has been working in many fields of the profession.

In 1990 to 2000 Ylva worked with habilitation in the Stockholm area. Meanwhile, she studied specialpedagogics at the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences in Stockholm, Sweden.

In 2001 she was awarded the City of Stockholm Inventors Award for her idea about Hoppolek. She quit her employment in order to work fulltime trying to make this idea a reality.

In 2005, Ylva entered the doctoral students program at the Deparment of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Division of Physiotherapy, at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden in order to learn more about the bone density in children with severe disabilities and to try to do something about their ability to get fragile bones.

In 2007 Ylva founded Jump & Joy AB.

In 2011, Ylva graduated with a licentiate degree with the dissertation: “Standing with and without vibration in children with severe cerebral palsy”.


  • The City of Stockholm inventors award 2001
  • Member of the year at “Women and enterprise” Lidingö, Sweden year 2007
  • Part taker in an exhibition at the Technical Museum in Stockholm (ongoing)
  • Embassador in the project “Promote Female Enterprise” 2007-2009
  • Swedish “Female Inventor of Year 2010”
  • Nominated for the “European Women Inventors and Innovators Network” award on Iceland 2011
  • World Champion in “Computer Implemented Inventions”, Taiwan 2011