Everything is great thank you and the saddle is brilliant for our pupils that are unable to stand, it really works well.
 Anna Lazenbury, School Business Manager, The Loyne Specialist School

We have had the possibility to use Hoppolek for three months. It has really been a time full of joy and laughter. It has been so much fun, not only for the children who used Hoppolek, but also for us grown-ups watching them play. The feeling is wonderful when you see a child discover the different functions of the buttons and their satisfaction as they realise that they themselves are causing the effect. One can hardly imagine the feeling of the child as they suddenly can jump, rotate and the tingling vibrations rushing through the body. It has been a joyful form of exercise for our pupils, difficult to find anywhere else. Especially the obvious feeling of cause and effect is motivating and makes it gratifying and joyful. I am convinced that the benefits are numerous and I hope that we at Mockasinens School for special education will have the opportunity to work with Hoppolek in the future.
Niklas Hultqvist, physiotherapist, Mockasinens school for special education


He gets active when he plays in Hoppolek and keep touching the buttons himself. He can be sleeping when we put him on Hoppolek, but is wide awake when we take him down again.
Teacher, Jorielskolan for special education


We use Hoppolek daily at our school for our pupils who use the standing shell. The pupils at Rullen are at a low or medium talent level, which means that they can´t remember that the standing shell means that they will play in the Hoppolek until they are there. Independent of talent level, all pupils understand and use the different touch buttons to vary their play in an explorative fashion. To stand in the standing shell is now for our children just associated with joy, compared to before when we had a hard time trying to find motivation. One more effect is longer periods of arousal and a greater endurance under activities in pupils that earlier were difficult to keep awake and take part in activities. Thank you Ylva for making a device that really makes the training fun and joyful. Hoppolek has an obvious location here at Rullen.
Ann-Christine Svahn, physiotherapist and principal at Heldagsskolan Rullen for special education.