jumpandjoyHoppolek MODEL: H4

Medical device for play and mobility, Class IIa. 

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Manufacturer: Jump & Joy AB
Törnrosvägen 72B
SE-181 61 Lidingö
Ylva Dalén: +46 (0) 70 – 574 20 28
Length: 74 cm
Width: 65 cm
Height: 150- 180 cm (depending on the height of the stand)
Weight: Stand with knee, pelvic and trunk supports and
manouevrable arms: 10 – 12 kg. Base: 43.5 kg
Vibration: Oscillating motion about a horizontal axis.
Sine wave. Peak-to-peak displacement: 0.2 mm
Frequency: 40 – 42 Hz
Acceleration: 33.35 m/s² (3.4 G)
Bounces: 3 cm, 77 bounces/min
Acceleration: 17.65 m/s² (1.8 G)
Rotation: With a load on the base of 67 kg: 8.5 revs/min.
Without any load: 10 revs/min.
Other: CD player can be connected
IP Code:  30.
Steel plate: platform 4 mm, other details 2-3 mm
steel plate

Measurements conducted by Löfgren Engineering AB with Vibro Scanner, Netter